The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service


Having some insight into what it can be like for children and adults affected by their parent’s drinking can help you to support them.

Reading the stories of others in similar situations can help people feel less alone. Hearing how other people felt can help to make sense of our own experiences. Whilst every family is unique, many children of alcohol-dependent parents face similar issues.

Have a look at some of the experiences in Children, Young people or Adults and encourage the person you are concerned about to do the same. Remember they can always call or email Nacoa to talk through any issues or memories that these stir up.

They may also find it helpful to write about their own experiences. If they would like to share their story for others to read, they can email it to Hilary Henriques.

Experiences of concerned others and professionals coming soon!

If you would like to contribute your experience of caring for or working with someone affected by their parent’s drinking for this page, please email Hilary Henriques.

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