Fed up:'(.

Hi everyone.

I'm so fed up now,I've done everything  I can possibly do for my mum.


I've left so much for my mum like:sister,friends,auntie,cusion,school and now my hometown! all to keep her  and her 'friend' happy. I've lost so much and there is NO way of it getting better. I'm getting in more and more trouble everyday.

I've started harming myself again, I tried not to but its hard now. mum knows, but she isn't helping, (removed my moderator). this upsets me as I want her to care for me and help me out abit, but that won't happen. 

Well, what do I do next? I feel trapped and very alone. (removed by moderator)


Srry if this post is a lot of bad news.I just had to let it out. sorry again:(.

Heather x