Getting Bogged down

Mums drinking hasn't been too bad but I am feeling really stressed. Its nearly the end of the holidays and although I want to and need to go back to school, I know there is going to be a lot on.

I am really worrying about my Uni application now. I haven't even registered for UCAS yet, I need a password from school so I'm planning to do this first day back. As I want to do medicine there is a lot involved in the application. I have my entrance exam next week which will decide which Unis I can get into. Although my grades were good, they weren't high enough for some Unis. I havent even decided which ones I'm applying to. I've got 3 so far that I might apply for, but still need another.Then there is the personnal statement which I am really worried about. Everyone seems to be getting others advice but I dont want anyone to read mine. I have had to write about mums alcoholism and the homelessness as part of the extenuating circumstances so I dont want anyone knowing. Hopefully I get it back on the first day back so i can do improvements. The deadline is so soon, 20th September my school want our applications so they can check them. The deadline for medicine is so much earlier than for any other course. I am quite scared about the next few months, hopefully with interviews. I really want to get into Uni this/next year, it'll be the break from home I need but now I'm worrying whether I can.

This is meant to be an exciting time but as usual I have made it into a stressful one. I just need to take each bit as it comes. Thanks for reading.