What should i do?

Hello people of COAP.

I know this isnt the place to ask but I was hoping to get an answer from someone.

My sis is suffering from schizophrenia which is a lifetime disease. every now and then she has these episodes which are usually triggered from stress. it starts out with her feeling eally nervous and jumpy. thenshe starts lashing out and getting angry at everyone, motly at my alcoholic dad or she gets anry at my mom who supports my dads drinking. she gets angry at anything in general and her eyes start to change. i know it sounds mean but her eyes look crazy.

because me and my mom are so afraid of these episodes, we try out best to give in to whatever she wants.

one time when we were putting up wallpaper in our homes she got angry at my mom coz she didn't like the color my mom chose. he says it was too bright and it would hurt her eyes. my sis told my mom to hurry up and change it. me and my mom were thinking that it was a waste of time and money, besides thecolor we chose wasn't neon as my sister insisted. it wa s muh ighter than neon. my mom got slightly angry at her (i know she was holding back)

in the end, me and my mom gave in and changed the color to what she wanted. we were afraid her anger would turn into a shcizophrenia attack so we did what we couldto calm her down.

my question is...

should we be doing whatever she wants just to prevent her anger from rising?

i feel like we're spoiling her. like a bratty kid who cries then gets whatever she wants. 

talking with her about this isn't really an option. people with mental disorders can't really understand emotions, emathy, and social skills. i mean, how are you supposed to talk with he and tell her that she can't have whatever she wants, without her anger suddenly rising and suddenly showing signs of schizophrenia?

im not really sure how we shoulddeal with her anger issues.

pls help.