Disappointed in myself






After years of trying to figure out what to do with my life, I finally decided that I wanted a career in Youth Work. So, because I don’t have any experience in youth work, I decided to do some voluntary work first.


Today I had my interview for my volunteer position, and even though they have accepted me and want me to volunteer for them, I can’t help but feel really disappointed in myself with how the interview actually went Frown


I read up a bit on some of the questions which I might potentially be asked, but when I came to answer them in my interview, my brain just seemed to turn into liquid and ran out of my ears. I think I spent more time saying ‘…emmm…’ than actually giving a proper answer!


I’m quite a shy person and I’ve tried so hard to overcome it, but whenever something like this happens, I just feel like it’s going to rule me forever Frown


Now I’m starting to double think whether or not I can do this as a career (which I usually do, and then convince myself not to do it- which gets me nowhere!) But if I can’t even seem to pull myself together for an informal interview, how can I expect kids to respect and listen to me?!