If COAP had a house what would it look like?

With many Thanks to Cloweee, she got me thinking! If COAP had a house what do you think it would look/feel/smell/sound like? I think it would look like this....   I'd walk up 'Love Lane' and there would be the most beautiful house on the street. It's a small house but yet it stands out more than any other house on the street. The door is small and wooden with a 'welcome sign' and the roof is thatched. Before I walk in I can't help to notice the pretty garden with flowers of all different colours. I open the door (which is always open) to be welcomed with a big smile and cup of tea. As soon as I walk in I am surrounded by the feeling of calm and happiness. I walk over to the fridge to see lots of 'Thank you letters' from all the children who COAP has helped. The kitchen is next to the sitting room which is filled with comfy sofa's (the ones with the bum groves already indented as they are the best). I leave the sitting room to..... Can anyone carry it on? Or tell us what you think a COAP house would look like? Please feel free to start your own. You may not image it to be on 'Love Lane' or the sofa's may be brand new....whatever you think tell us! Carrot Cake - Mentor