Karate - sparring.

okay so last night at karate we did a mini club sparring competiton type thing. I'd forgotten my sparring gloves but it didn't matter to much as my friend who was refereeing it let me borrow thiers. I got called up to spar orginally against a brown 2 stripe belt, it was 3 point sparring and I won. We both got sent to sit down and others were called up to sparr, I got called up , again and got put against another brown belt who I won against, (I'm only a green stripe!) so once I'd won that one we sat down and others sparred and then I got called up again but against a black belt!!!! I won against the black belt too!!! We then sat down and got sent to have a break , and then we all sat in the circle again and me and the black belt got called up to sparr again!!! but we did two on one sparring we reamined the champions for a good few rounds sparring a brown belt then eventualy got me 3 times and knocked me out of the two on one sparring and I had to sit down, the two on one sparring was alot harder than the one on one sparing, I've got karate this thursday I think we're doing break boards! now to just remember my sparring gloves!!!