Lets smile over Christmas!

Christmas is a difficult time of year which is something that we can't change.

We can't stop our parents drinking.

We can't stop the sad feelings.

We can't stop the embarrassment. 

We can't stop the burnt food.

We can't stop alcohol being bought.

We can't stop the arguments.....


Let’s find ways to help us smile over Christmas!

Here are some examples:

1) Find in advance a good book to read

2) Find a good route to go for a walk in case home gets too tense

3) Find a form of exercise to do over the Christmas period

4) Have a list of recipes to bake (personal favourite!) 

5) Have a diary to write in when too many thoughts and feelings are on our shoulders

6) Coursework 

7) Have a list of friends to call

8) Work to earn money 

9) Tidying 

10) Writing a list of positive thoughts to beat our negative ones with

Can you think of any other positive things to do?


Carrotcake - Senior Mentor