Totally Unrelated to Addiction



I haven't been here for a while because I've been feeling ok for a while. Though I still cry myself to sleep everynow and then but its not that bad.


But Im not actually here to talk about my alcoholic dad and mentally ill sis like I always do.


Im here to talk about me and what Im going through.

I feel like I'm having anxiety. Im no doctor to make a diagnosis and I've never felt extreme anxiety befoe but I think this is it.

Its probably coz I've been having a hard time at work.

I've been hired to work in a new company but the boss told me to get training in the old and small company in the mean time since they lacked staff and they needed an extra hand. Plus, they told me that I could get experience there. Now, there are talks about permanently placing me in the small company and I really hate it. I hate the people there and I hate how lazy and uncaring they are about their job. I was just putting up with it coz I thought it was only going to be temporary but it turn out it ight be permanent.

Now, I feel so unmotivated and I'm getting anxiety because of this problem. If ever they tell me that ill be permanently employed in the small crappy company then I'm handing over a resignation letter. But then what? where will I go next? Now, Ifeel like Ive been wasting my time.


I wih I could make the aniety go away.