Message To All


I do understand how hard the festivities coming up in the next few days can be real difficult for each of you - here is a little message to make you smile... as a COAP friend I would like to give you a message: 

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU - you deserve to smile, be happy and put the thoughts behind you for a day. This is a day for you all to enjoy. I will be thinking of you as Christmas day goes by, and be hoping that you all are thinking of me too whilst enjoying yourself! You deserve to be happy. 


HAPPY NEW YEAR - I am amazed that I have been a member of COAP for over a year and known some of you for this long... it's ace! 2012 has brought some terrible experiences for all of us but there have been moments on here where we have kindly supported each other and helped one another through the difficult times. COAP makes me SO proud... all down to the people involved within it, mentors, councillors and Emma. 

The reason I have posted this now is because I am most likely to think I have already posted it... or it may not be posted in time if I sent it the day before. 

Could I just quickly say how lovely you all are on here - you have helped me through so many tough times and have been there to listen to the good times I have had too. You really do give me the motivation to achieve things in life... very true friends! 

Think of how proud you make me! 

Emma XX