Alter Ego

Have you ever thought about how you secure yourself against others, against feelings, against life itselt? Some of us have the tedency of posing boundaries, so high sometimes that we can’t even make contact with ourselves. Actually that’s the hardest thing to do..Stay genuine with your self and your feelings..Apart from all the common ways of defense, I came across another one, that it’s quite insidious·thus very hard to unmask..Here’s how it works..

Whenever it comes to intimate relationships and feelings, we built up an alter ego. So every time one enters a new situation he play that role, he becomes an actor so that others won’t  have the chance to discover the real him. In that ways he (thinks that he) remains protected, because the person that gets really involved with life isn’t actually him, but his alter ego.


*The real you can’t be hurt, ‘cause the real you isn’t even there. *


Eventually, in his struggle to avoid fronting his feelings and his fears, he ends up going through greater torment, since the pain that he is actually causing to himself, is greater than the one he adresses  to others..

(Inspired from the TV series “In Treatment” S.03.E.07)