I wish I'd known about this place growing up


I'm 27 years old and lived with my alcoholic mother for almost 21 years. 


Should I help my mum?

My mum has been drinking for almost 10 years. On and off, and I always helped her. With support, talks, sending her to doctors, talking to her.


Don't know how to cope with my dads alcoholism and the hostile environment anymore

I live with my dad and my stepmum. My dad has been an alcoholic for probably 40 years.


6 years on Nothing changes

Hi All,


I havent posted in a while now, mainly because i have been able to be happier with myself and have the courage to stand up to my mum and her verbal and emotional abuse without getting dragged down.


Can someone help me? Tired, angry, sad, confused

Hi everyone...

I read about this wonderful site online while searching for ways to cope with an alchoholic mother... 


Firstly, a bit about myself..

I Live in South Africa, (no we dont run around with lions or any weird stuff you might think. we're actually very much like people in the UK.. just mostly Afrikaans (One of our South African languages)

now for the reason I'm here... 

my mom is an alchoholic... let me start at the beginning..


My own private hell

  Hi, I am so glad I found this site.  I am an adult living with my Mom (long story as to why) and she is an alcoholic.  I have 2 sisters who are married and have their own families.  I am disabled and unable to work and I'm on a VERY limited income.  My mother has be drinking for a very long time now.  My parents have been divorced for I believe 15 years now.  I am at my wits end as to what to do to try and help her.  She is in TOTAL and COMPLETE DENIAL about her drinking.  She has had to go to the hospital on NUMEROUS occasions due to her drinking.  She will be fine and happy during the d


Anxious feelings

i am home. I thought perhaps i would feel a bit more comfortable or less anxious but if possible i feel more anxious. my last message to my mum was fairly simple i thought. i will be home and if she wants to see me she can. But as usual i feel guilty, i havent had a reply or a phone call, perhaps that will come later. i have no idea what i want, i keep thinking i should call her or go to her house but this is only because i fear that when i go home to england or on christmas day her family and my mum will say how disgusting it is i havent got in touch.


A Forum for Smoking


To all the COAP members out there... I was wondering why there isn't a forum for smoking. I think there should be. I believe smoking is also a form of addicition and there are millions of people out there who can't stop. My dad smokes too. He recently claimed that he stopped... but I don't believe him. 

I wanna hear your comments on my suggestion.



I decided not to send the letter to my mum, because I know that nothing will change but me! I have two exams this week and I think I'm going to phone her once their out of the way. Not talking to her for this of time has managed to clear my head, as hurtful as it's been to only have one half of my family support me and the other support her, I'm getting to a point where I can truly not care about what they think about me. I'm responsible for me and my life. I honestly feel they feel guilty for not doing anything in the past, so are putting that on me because I didn't tell them sooner...


My Mum (Alcoholic)

My Mum is an alcholoic and I really needs some help as she has been drinking daily for about 10 years, for as long as I remember she has always drank, she use to drink thoughout the day everyday, but to me this was normal. 



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