He's still my father...

*NOTE: I am not English, my spellings aren't perfect c:

Okay, so here I am.

I figured that it would be nice to just write it all off, and maybe talk to some of you, because I've experienced that knowing that you are not alone is one of the most important things there is when it comes to dealing with something.


Totally Unrelated to Addiction



I haven't been here for a while because I've been feeling ok for a while. Though I still cry myself to sleep everynow and then but its not that bad.


But Im not actually here to talk about my alcoholic dad and mentally ill sis like I always do.


Im here to talk about me and what Im going through.

I feel like I'm having anxiety. Im no doctor to make a diagnosis and I've never felt extreme anxiety befoe but I think this is it.

Its probably coz I've been having a hard time at work.


Anxious feelings

i am home. I thought perhaps i would feel a bit more comfortable or less anxious but if possible i feel more anxious. my last message to my mum was fairly simple i thought. i will be home and if she wants to see me she can. But as usual i feel guilty, i havent had a reply or a phone call, perhaps that will come later. i have no idea what i want, i keep thinking i should call her or go to her house but this is only because i fear that when i go home to england or on christmas day her family and my mum will say how disgusting it is i havent got in touch.


6 months in short

My year hasnt been going well so far, in fact i guess you could say that it has actually been going quite badly. I am sixteen and currently going through my GCSEs (i have an exam on thursday and should be revising but OH WELL) but what is not helping with that is the fact that my dad has had the worst few months in a long time regarding his drinking.

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