Yogathon instructors

Thank you to all the instructors who’ve agreed to teach classes at the Nacoa yogathon. Below is some more information about their approaches. Please show your support and sign up for a class or two!


Tracy Johnson is the founder of Empower Yoga Bristol, teaching vinyasa and hatha classes in the studio at Sweaty Betty. She runs her own health and wellness practice, Brainbox Coaching, is an author and blogger for Movement for Modern Life, and is one of the teacher training team for the 200 hour RYT programme at Sally Parkes Yoga. With a background in martial arts, Tracy regularly teaches yoga for athletes workshops, attracting everyone from cage fighters to Cross Fit enthusiasts, so expect a challenging flow to build endurance and strength, as well as deep stretches for tired muscles.


Emma GlilddonEmma Gliddon is an experienced teacher in the Hatha Flow style of Yoga. She will be sharing a deeply relaxing Night Nidra with participants on Saturday evening which will prepare you for a night of restful sleep.

Do Yoga with Emma at Wilder Street Studios in Bristol and also near her home in Weston-super-Mare.




Judit_HalaszJudit Halasz teaches Ashtanga, which is fundamentally a path of spiritual transformation and personal development. Vinyasa is the breath-synchronized movement. By practicing the correct order of the asanas (postures), the breath, mind, body and soul come into union.



Thomas Crews’ philosophy is that in order to feel happiness and peace within we must nourish our body, mind and spirit and it can only be our responsibility to do so – it is through practicing yoga postures, proper breathing, proper relaxation and meditation that we can achieve this goal.




Kate FoxKate Fox offers a holistic approach to yoga inviting everyone, whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or a complete beginner, to find more strength and suppleness in the body, through the use of gravity, breath and expansion of the spine.

Kate teaches a form of yoga inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli author of ‘Awakening the Spine’. It is a gentle, yet demanding form of yoga, where you are encouraged to find a new interest in your body with patience, curiosity and compassion. You will learn how to break old habits and cultivate new ones, allowing you to unfold, open and re-energise, without imposing on the body.

DevakiOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA is a Sivananda trained Yoga Teacher. She has been teaching yoga internationally for the last 10 years. Her classes are dynamic, fun & tailored to meet your needs.






Caroline ReidCaroline Reid has been practicing Scaravelli-influenced yoga for nearly 20 years and teaching since 2002.

“This approach is kind to the body – we gently and slowly un-do tension to rediscover the body’s innate wholeness. The yoga asanas develop from finding space and freedom within.
The emphasis is on refining attention to feel deeper and more subtle connections in the body. Then, movement becomes integrated, effortless and the body reveals a deep source of vitality.”

Caroline works flexibly and offer lots of personal attention, encouragement and nurturing, hands-on adjustment. She runs small classes, individual lessons and regular weekend workshops.

Mark_SchillerMark Schiller is a new teacher just completing his teacher training at Bristol City Yoga.

“I’m still discovering and developing my own teaching style. It’s fun exploring the different styles and aspects of yoga. I aim to teach a Hatha yoga class which leaves students feeling balanced and relaxed.”

Eva_KorponaiEva Korponai – “I’ve practised Hatha and Iyengar yoga intensively for more than 3 years and I’m absolutely passionate about Kundalini yoga that is such a powerful and integrated form of yoga.

I love the simplicity and complexity of yoga. I am particularly interested in yoga therapy and fascinated by the healing power that yoga can do by working on physical and more subtle levels.”


Nicola CarleyNicola Carley – “My freestyle vinyasa classes are inspired by but much softer than ashtanga yoga. They are based on the ashtanga philosophy and incorporate mindfulness techniques thereby drawing on both the buddhist and hindu origins of yoga.”

All Nicola’s yoga classes are suitable for anyone from beginner to more advanced.



Ed_WoodEd Wood has an established following in Bristol. You’ll enjoy his personal take and find you are able to go at a pace is challenging for you as well as taking care of your body in the right way. People come to his class because they enjoy his yoga classes and personal take on yoga’s teachings. It’s all in the way he delivers the classes; a safe, enjoyable and an individually challenging class that promotes good health. The content of each class reflects his understanding of anatomy and appreciation of yoga’s philosophy.