HMS Illustrious


Volunteers enjoy a trip to HMS Illustrious in celebration of the crew’s fundraising efforts for Nacoa.

The crew from 6H Petty Officers Mess aboard HMS Illustrious (The Royal Navy’s only aircraft carrier) have chosen Nacoa as their nominated charity and have been raising money for us over several months in some very imaginative ways including a hobby horse race day in the cargo hold.

On 29 August 2012 Nacoa volunteers, old and young, were invited to Portsmouth by Petty Officer Paddy Taylor to meet some of the crew and collect the very generous cheque that they had raised for us.

Paddy gave us a very interesting and thought provoking tour of the ship which also allowed for many photo opportunities on the bridge and flight deck. This was followed by lunch in the mess before our two youngest volunteers were presented with a cheque for £722.00 by the president of the mess, Steve Mann.

Once our time ‘aboard ship’ was over, Paddy very kindly presented all volunteers with a pass to the rest of the historic dockyard allowing us to take in other sights, including the rather older ship HMS Victory, where we learnt about the remarkable progression within the Royal Navy.

The day came to end leaving us all with an overwhelming sense of pride and, once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Paddy and all the crew of HMS Illustrious. We look forward to hearing more about the creative fundraising events they had planned for the future.

“Our visit to HMS Illustrious brought supporters of all ages from around the country together to reflect on Nacoa’s work whilst experiencing a very different way of life. It was fascinating to look around the ship and it certainly has reinforced my respect for our armed forces.” Cassandra Ohlson, Volunteering Manager at Nacoa