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Nacoa | The National Association for Children of Alcoholics | Event article

25 hours of Yoga for Nacoa

To celebrate Nacoa’s 25th year, we hosted a twin city 25 HOUR YOGATHON in Bristol and London on the weekend of 22-23 August.





Yoga newbies and ardent enthusiasts extended themselves for all in the UK affected by a loved one’s drinking.

Yoga London




Over the course of 25 unforgivingly humid hours, the beautiful studio at Bristol City Yoga and Victor’s Lab in Peckham played host to a plethora of sweat-soaked Nacoa t-shirts, glow stick-laden chaturanga push-ups to the rhythms of 50 Cent, Animal Ashtanga, the superhuman efforts of a now immortalised participant (Matt Fleming) who completed all 25 hours, plenty of tea drinking, chronic laughter, and love – lots and lots of love!





Raising over £2000, Nacoa are eternally grateful and overwhelmingly humbled by the contributions of all teachers, participants, raffle-prize contributors, and everyone else that truly made this possible.





We already have next year’s version of the event emerging within our collective consciousness, so be sure to mark it in your mental diary – or your actual one for you super-prepared folk!





Once again, a massive thank you to all involved………







Yoga sunrise