Martin’s Superman Sky Dive and Great North Run

Martin Pratt is not only braving one fundraising event for Nacoa in 2017, but two. Much like his favourite comic book hero, Superman, he will have will be flying through the air during his skydive and require the stamina of a ‘Man of Steel’ to complete the Great North Run.

He will be undertaking these events in a Superman outfit to symbolise the hard experiences he has had to face over the past 13 years, dealing with the alcohol problems of others: ‘I have witnessed first hand what an alcoholic destructive power can do to peoples lives. I watched a human mind break in front of me.’sm

Martin’s chosen costume is to remember that, ‘It was Superman that helped me during my bad times and still does. During very dark days [dealing with] other people’s drinking, it was watching and reading anything superman gave me the lift I needed.’

A passionate supporter of Nacoa’s work, Martin says ,’In the world of Superman the S is a family crest that stands for hope and I hope by doing these events I can give Nacoa the funds it needs to help give hope to people who are are affected.’

The recent long term Helpline Review demonstrated that Nacoa has received over 1 million contacts over that last 15 years. Over a quarter of a million of those contacts were direct phone calls to the helpline, normally from vulnerable young people. Last year alone Nacoa received over 32,000 helpline calls.

To keep the phone lines open Nacoa relies solely on voluntary donations raised by inspiring people like Martin. As a very small charity serving the whole of the UK, all funds raised will make a direct impact to children suffering in silence.

In the immortal words of Superman himself, ‘It’s not about where you were born. Or what powers you have. Or what you wear on your chest. It’s about what you do… it’s about action.’

You can sponsor Martin and celebrate his achievements by visiting his Just Giving page. You can send him as much or as little as you can afford and leave a message of support by clicking here.