Marnie and Mine, Children’s Boutique – Donating £2 to Nacoa for every item sold

We are honoured to announce that the beautiful children’s boutique, Marnie and Mine, are donating £2 to Nacoa for every item sold from their online store.

Marnie and Mine aim to provide the very best in baby and children’s clothing, gifts and accessories, blending a mix of hand crafted crochet items, bang on trend leggings and harem pants, as well as a plethora of british based brands. All their items are produced in Britain and sourced from (wherever possible) local crafters, manufacturers and suppliers.

The boutique is run by husband and wife duo, Natalie and Charlie, who serve the world through their online store.

Business founder and manager, Natalie, wrote to us to explain why the store are making the extraordinarily generous gift to Nacoa for every item sold. She wishes that, when she was younger, she had been given the chance to speak with a trusted Nacoa helpline counsellor, who would have listened and let her know she was not alone:

‘Alcoholism affects people from all walks of life. I wish I had known about Nacoa when I was a child. I wish I could have spoken to them and had someone tell me it wasn’t my fault, that it was going to be ok, that I wasn’t alone. By supporting Nacoa through Marnie and Mine, if we can contribute in any way, it will feel like we are making a difference. This is an issue extremely close to heart and still affects me now, we want to help in any way we can.’

Natalie’s husband, Charlie, says that they are supporting Nacoa to help provide the free and confidential support for others suffering in silence :

‘I can’t begin to understand what Natalie and so many others have been through and are still going through. I have seen how it has, and still does, affect her and I know if she had known about Nacoa, she may have found the help and support she needed. It is our aim to raise awareness of alcoholism and its impacts, as well as Nacoa and the fantastic work they do.’

Many children call the Nacoa helpline at times of crisis, wishing to speak to a trusted person who understands the problems they are experiencing. But, often, they also call to discuss their day, the work they are doing at school, or their favourite music or films. They want to speak with somebody who can provide them the positive feedback they don’t always receive at home, and find ways to cope when things get tough.

Last year, Nacoa received over 35,000 such calls and emails from people in search of assistance with a parent who drinks too much. With the Christmas season fast approaching, ordering your ethically sourced baby’s and children’s clothes from Marnie and Mine is a wonderful way to support the Nacoa helpline and provide the helping hand that children of alcoholics so desperately need.

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