Max is running one marathon a week while the UK schools are closed

Max is doing something incredible for us here at Nacoa! He is running one marathon every week while the UK are in lockdown and the schools are closed. He completed his first half marathon today!

‘With Coronavirus shutting down our lives more and more by the day, effecting our daily lives inexplicably and forcing us to stay in our homes, there are young people in the UK for whom their home is not a safe place or a refuge, but a stressful, painful and sometimes unsafe environment due to alcoholism,  and their only real chance for escape or refuge is going to school every day. 

Having experienced first hand the devastating effect alcoholism has, I feel now it is more important than ever for young people effected by alcoholism in their home to have a lifeline like the NACOA charity, to provide support, help and advice when it is needed most. Especially now, when there are children forced to deal with alcoholism head on 24 hours a day, and the other usual health services are busy dealing with COVID-19.

To raise money for this cause. I will be running a marathon a week, by way of two half marathons per week, one on Monday and one on Thursday, every week that the UK is in lockdown and schools are closed’  ~  Max


Read his story and support him here: