Nacoa joins the 21st century


Thanks to a very kind donation of new IT equipment from Steve McCormick of Subtech Computers, Chelmsford, we have a whole new fleet of significantly faster PCs and have been able to upgrade from Office 97 to Office 2010!

Steve and colleagues, Jermaine and Roger, worked tirelessly all day on 3 July to get us up and running. Subtech have also kindly offered us access to their IT helpdesk in the future. We have promised them lifetime stop-offs for tea/coffee/cakes if they are ever heading west on the M4. Thanks also to the kind folk from Evolution Interiors, London, who loaned one of their company vans for two days to transport the equipment.

We look forward to no longer spending half the day staring at the egg timer and not being held back by finding things are no longer compatible with our antiquated software!