The Great Orme Brewery 1p Campaign

In his 2013 budget The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne dropped the duty on a pint of beer by 1p. The Great Orme Brewery in North Wales have pledged that extra 1p per pint revenue to Nacoa as they promote sensible drinking.

“Rather than pocketing that 1p duty reduction, we pledge it to Nacoa. I do believe that if we, as a sector, are to be socially responsible then we must acknowledge the potential negative aspects of alcohol and take steps to address it.” Jonathan Hughes, Great Orme Brewery

Jonathan has been raising awareness in the media and has invited other brewers to get behind this idea by also donating the 1p duty cut to Nacoa.

Thank you to Great Orme Brewery for masterminding the campaign and for their donations of over £560 to date.

If your brewery would like to get involved please email

Great Orme Brewery