Medical Appointment Cards

Thanks to a generous donation, Nacoa is now advertised on thousands of medical appointment cards.

Growing up with a parent who was an alcoholic made me grow up fast and take on the role of carer at a very young age. Not having anybody to talk to about the problems I was encountering made me feel alone and ashamed. I felt scared and different from everyone else and longed for a “normal” family life. It would have been great to have someone like Nacoa to turn to, just to talk to someone, to ask their advice. Teachers weren’t interested; the issue was always brushed under the carpet. Now I’m in a position to help others and support the great service Nacoa can offer children who suffer the same difficulties as I did.

I now own a successful business and have the opportunity to promote Nacoa in Medical Centres across the UK. Nacoa are now featuring on patient information booklets that are being given out in currently over 300 Medical Centres across the UK. This number will be expanding and we hope to have the information in over 1,000 Centres by the end of the year.