Message board rules of conduct

Message board rules of conduct

The Nacoa message boards are for you to wrtie about what it’s like living with a parent’s addiction and to connect with other’s in similar situations.  By creating a user account and by posting to these message boards, you must agree to abide by these rules.  These rules exist for your own protection and to ensure that the Nacoa message boards remain a friendly, safe and supportive online space for all users.  

Message board rules

The Nacoa message boards are here for you to write about your experiences, thoughts and feelings about living with a parent’s drinking or similar addictive behaviour. For more info see the Nacoa Promise.

Taking care of yourself

Please remember to take care of yourself when visiting the Nacoa message boards. See help & advice for suggestions of ways you can look after yourself. You can always email for support. 

We hope you find registering and joining our online community simple and straight forward. When you create a user account, you agree to the following rules, which exist for your protection and to keep the Nacoa message boards friendly, safe and supportive. All content is moderated before it is posted publicly.

Message board rules


  • Sign up using a nickname for your username e.g. “heretotalk” or “flower” etc. This should be different from the username you use on other sites to avoid being identified by search engines
  • Introduce yourself to our online community so we can welcome you
  • Post messages sharing your story, experiences and feelings in a way that feels right for you
  • Treat others the way you’d like to be treated
  • Tag your posts so people can find posts they most relate to
  • Respond to posts that are active
  • Report bad-taste and bad-attitude messages to
  • Email if anything makes you uncomfortable or upset


  • Use your full name or surname in your username when you register
  • Use an inappropriate username. If you choose a username that is offensive you will not be able to post
  • Disclose personal information like your full name, email address, phone number, where you live, your school etc.
  • Post a picture of yourself
  • Ask for anyone’s personal details
  • Arrange to meet anyone
  • Name individuals such as family or friends
  • Discuss illegal activities, such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations
  • Use sexually oriented imagery or links to such content
  • Create multiple accounts
  • Swear or post messages that are offensive
  • Write graphic descriptions of self-harm or suicide. You can email

See the Nacoa Promise for more information about confidentiality and what you can expect from Nacoa.

Moderation policies

All posts are moderated to keep the Nacoa message boards safe, friendly and supportive. Posts that breach any of the rules will not be posted. Messages posted that fall into any of the categories below will be deleted:

  • – Inappropriate due to their content or nature
  • – Posts with an external link to promote irrelevant business or service
  • – Posts with an external link to mostly ‘paid for’ services
  • – Pointless – the message contributes no value to the message boards
  • – Crosspost – the message was posted to more than one forum   
  • – SPAM – the thread was advertising or thinly disguised market research 

*Nacoa reserves the right to indefinitely withhold the publication of any post for any reason it sees fit.

When will messages appear?

It can take up to 48 hours for a message to message to be moderated and published on the Nacoa message boards. Moderating messages keeps the site safe and ensures personal details such as email addresses and phone numbers are not posted.

Be aware and stay safe online

  • Remember that the message boards can be viewed by everyone
  • Keep all passwords private
  • We cannot guarantee that all posts are from children or young people. Follow the above rules and chat safely
  • NEVER arrange to meet anyone in the real world who you have met online, this can be dangerous
  • Except for comments by moderators, the views expressed are those of the author alone and are not necessarily endorsed or shared by Nacoa

Please noteThe Nacoa message boards do not offer an emergency service. If your problem is life threatening or you are in immediate danger please contact the emergency services by phoning 999. For 24-hour support call Childline on 0800 1111 or Samaritans on 116 123.

You are not alone

Remember the Six "C"s

I didn’t cause it
I can’t control it
I can’t cure it
I can take care of myself
I can communicate my feelings
I can make healthy choices

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