reflecting months after you passed




When you lost the hope to fight, your body beaten down and barely holding on just know we were there. You might not have heard but I held your hand in mine and that was my last “I love you.”
If only it could have expressed everything, all the unspoken words.
Looking back, I feel so blessed you were my auntie. We truly are the lucky ones.
Therese if only you had another chance, you deserved so much more and to spend your old age with your partner. You deserved happiness.
Thats all I wished for you.
Even now I can’t say my hope is gone because I believe you are living after this life.
Where you are now isn’t so painful, you have less of a heavy load to carry.
Reunited with your mum and siblings.
I believe you are now free.

  • listener

    Hi tm19x
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful words, I hope this helped you and I'm sure it will help others to reflect on their own losses.

    Take very good care,

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