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I’m in my twenties and my dad is an alcoholic who relapsed when i was 13 and has been drinking off and on since then. Things really escalated since covid started and I genuinely thought he would drink himself to death. Overall he’s an ok drunk, been nasty a few times but mostly has terrible accidents and hurts himself and it’s given me anxiety and im sure PTSD. I got married recently and I didn’t think my dad would be there, he was and hadn’t had a drink for a few weeks and I couldn’t believe it. I later found out this was because he’d been caught drunk driving and hadn’t been able to go to the shop to buy himself drink. I don’t know how drunk he was or what happened and likely won’t know until it’s been in court at the end of the week. Although it can’t get any worse for him than this, I feel selfish at how relieved I feel that this has stopped him drinking even though he’s committed a terrible crime. I’m also worried about how isolated he will be with no transport. Sorry for rambling but I think my family are fed up of me going on about it

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    Hi Sas321

    Thank you for reaching out to Nacoa. I am sorry to hear about your dads drinking. When you see a loved one go through something like that, it can be an emotionally-draining to process, especially if your having to deal with it daily.

    Alcoholism is a horrible disease that can cause our loved ones to do thing that are out of character, but please know this is not your fault and we are here to help you through it at Nacoa.

    It does sound like COVID has taken a toll on your dads drinking. I am sorry to hear about his loss of transport, although it does sound like was needed. I wondered if you have spoken to your dad about how his drinking effects others around him and if you had support with this? Is there anyone else who could help out with supporting your dad and yourself? Could any family members help reduce the isolation for your dad, by taking him out on day trips or something?

    Congratulations on your marriage! I am so happy to hear that your dad was sober during your wedding, even if it was because he has been caught drink driving.

    I wondered how you are coping with everything? Do you have someone you can speak to about how this is effecting you? If you would like to speak to someone about this please do not hesitate to call us at Nacoa on 0800 358 3456 to talk about it, or email us on at any time for that matter.

    Please take care of yourself and remember Nacoa are always here for you.

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