i’m feeling sad




i am not too sure what is going on at home and its really hard because we have just come out of a lockdown. i feel so useless and alone because whenever I ask for help on my school work I get shouted at. i feel completely unsupported.

  • helper01

    Hi yolo999,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you feel completely unsupported. It makes sense that you feel that way when you ask for help on your school work and get shouted at. Please know that you are not alone, and Nacoa is here to help. If you like, you can speak to one of our helpline counsellors on the helpline via phone or email (0800 358 3456, helpline@nacoa.org.uk) about how you're feeling. Everything you say will remain confidential, and there is no judgement from anyone at Nacoa.

    I hope this helps.

    - helper01

    • uniquemind

      Hi yolo999

      I am so sorry you are experiencing this. Try to reach out to friends and family for more support or someone to just talk to. Although from personal experience of growing up with an alcoholic, I know how difficult it is to break the stigma associated with alcoholism in terms of the fear people will judge etc. Just gaining support from message boards is a first step in gaining support. Although If you would like to talk to someone in more depth contact helpline counsellors -


      Telephone number - 08003583456.

      I hope you are well.

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