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I was wondering if people could share their coping mechanisms for lockdown, when living with a parent who is drinking too much or a parent who is drinking too much during lockdown who you dont live with?

My tip would be do one thing nice for yourself everyday, whether that be eating your favourite food or listening to your favourite song, something to bring yourself some happiness during these extremely stressful times.

What are your top tips?

  • panthera.onca

    It's great to hear your coping mechanism tips for people living with a parent of carer that's drinking too much during lockdown.
    My tip would be to reach out to friends, other family member or on a forum like this to talk about how you are feeling. I have also found that journals can be a good way to talk about things without having to actually talk to a real person.

  • hkmnineteenseventyseven

    What great coping mechanisms! My tip would be to make sure that you devote some time to yourself. Even things such as reading a book or having a bath if you can would be really helpful. Another tip would be to incorporate some movement into your day. This would include going on a walk or doing some gentle exercise, such as yoga, in your house. There are lots of exercise videos online that can help you. If you are finding things really tough please reach out to NACOA. Their helpline number is 08003583456 or you can email them at

  • kindessiskey

    Really like your suggestion fazza20. My top tip is to try and dedicate some time each day totally to yourself if you can. Do what you love: dancing, reading, creating, gaming whatever it is - take time to focus on something just for you. If you have a relative or best friend you can talk to, drop them a message or give them a call if you are having a tough time. Nacoa are also really supportive too and have been there for me when I need that added extra support.

  • essie

    Something that has been helping me is going to my room when my parent starts to drink. Just separate yourself from the situation. I like to turn on some calming music and dance or stretch because that's the most therapeutic thing I can do for myself. It helps me to understand that it's not my fault and is also good for me! I hope this helps fazza, and anyone reading this. stay safe everyone :)

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