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What forms of support people have found helpful. Which groups offer, for example, group meetings and which only offer individual support. Support that is based on religious principles and that which isn’t. Support groups which are “self-funded” versus those which, in some form, pay to a “centre”.

  • listener


    Based off some of these features it would be difficult to say which people in general find helpful such as religious based groups versus non or payed versus not. However, when it comes to groups versus individual support that I imagine would for the most part be down to the individual. Some people might want to speak to others who are experiencing the same problem and some people might feel no desire for that and instead would prefer a more personal and focused one on one. I suppose it is primarily a comparison between counselling and support groups.

    If you would like options in regards to what forms of support some people have found helpful for both of those types then for groups:

    For adults:

    For teenagers:

    For children:

    In terms of one on one then:

    Counselling directory:

    I hope you find any of that useful.


    • midlandson

      Thank you for this. I wonder if people would be willing to share their direct experience. I went to Al-Anon because it was relatively available/publicised but I fear I don't have the temperament to find solutions from a "religious" perspective ("Let Go and Let God"). However, they are really nice people, have quite a few groups and I can see why it works for those with a spiritual dimension. What I am really hoping for is something that is face to face, group based but its "angle" is not religious. But if there are other such "group based" entities then they are much less well known than Al Anon (and therefore might rely on personal knowledge). For sure everyone is different but if we have made use of these various kinds of support we can share our impressions and what we think might work for others.

    • henryvipart2

      I noticed this post go up over the weekend and has had me thinking. My assumption was that I don't know anything about 'forms of support'. Besides medical interventions on certain things, I've never actually called Nacoa or gone to Al-Anon etc.

      But actually if I think about it, getting involved with Nacoa is probably where I get all the support and connection on the issue. Doing things like the walk really made the difference for me. Or volunteering, Members events, typing this, or whatever - it brings you closer to people around you and even if you don't share (like me), the support is still active. Maybe one day, I'll be more pro-active and direct finding support systems, but in the meantime, I think lurking around on social media and doing bits and bobs to support Nacoa (who are insanely amazing given their size) is how I formed my own 'Forms' of support.

      That probably makes no sense. Wouldn't be the first tiem.

  • mountainchaser

    Hi Midlandson,

    Amazing that you are looking for support and you are exploring options.
    I would suggest, before you even go out and join somewhere - sit with yourself even for few moments and ask a question: 'What would help me the most? What I am looking for and what works for me?" See what comes up and then search accordingly.
    There are so many options that choice can sometimes paralyse us. When you find the thing you are wanting to get out of the experience you can search it purposefully - if it is in group, individually or religious setting. Nothing is good or bad - you just need to find what WORKS for you :) And then - go out and try, if it is not for you - look for next that works.
    For me it works if I feel that I belong in the room, if people are kind and judgement free - and I look for that feeling when I sign up to attend event or session.
    Hope this helps and wish you find the right form of support for you.

    • midlandson

      Thanks for this but it goes a bit past my original post. As I said, what I am looking for is a face to face group not religiously based that is not an impossible distance from. I have personal experience of Al-Anon and they are lovely people and I can see why it helps many but its approach too much depends on a faith I don't have (and suspect I am unlikely to acquire). They don't base their groups on any _particular_ religion but it is based on belief in a "higher power". Actually _googling_ doesn't throw up much, for example for and my locality. Even if I did find something like that (and I have tried) the web sites wouldn't give me much insight into what the group was actually like. Hence my request for personal experience.

      • midlandson

        Sorry. This noticeboard system mangles posts with things like web search terms in them. I looked for families of alcoholics and support and the name of my locality and got one of those "there aren't any great matches" screens (and then a bunch of any old stuff).

  • henryvipart2

    Hi there,

    I think you've hit on a big problem. There just isn't much support out there for people like us. This is still a massively under-provided area.

    In the UK, we're really lucky to have user or member driven projects like Nacoa and Al-Anon and maybe Adfam, too. But yes local support is few and far between. Sometimes you can get lucky and a local project will be running somewhere but they're normally exceptions to the rule. Government actually cut all dedicated funding for children of alcoholics in 2021, so if something is there or survived, it is usually with a huge caveat - like a service being primarily for the parent - or based around good will of fellowships etc (which yes are extremely variable and also mixed in terms of how they define 'higher power').

    I've never had a problem with posts being 'mangled' in my emails. But I'd suggest dropping a line to the Nacoa guys with examples of any problems you've had. Sure you're as grateful as the rest of us for this volunteer-managed board!


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