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A family member is alcohol dependent and his spouse – who takes care of their young children and home – is now receiving medical treatment for a serious illness. Are there any support services that would help with childcare?

  • coald

    I am sorry to hear this, it sounds really difficult.

    I am not an expert at all, and depends on your location / age of children, but a few thoughts spring to mind - Homestart -

    If the children are school age I would suggest speaking to the school to see what support they can offer too - breakfast and after school clubs, plus they may be able to signpost you to local charities and support services. They usually have a bursary system to cover these costs.

    Take care.

  • mountainchaser

    Hi 233,

    I am so sorry you are faced with a difficult situation and your family members are struggling.

    When my relative was diagnosed with terminal illness, her consultant & clinical team suggested avenues they can explore to get financial support and support with their children.

    I would suggest her treatment team/GP as a starting point as on a lot of cases the support that can be offered depends on diagnosis or illness, therefore medical staff could be a great starting point. They will certainly point your family member in the right direction.

    Wish you and your family all the best

  • listener


    I want to reiterate what a lot of the other replies have said, medical staff such as the families GP would most likely know what direction to be pointed in. As also mentioned depending on the age schools could be useful. In terms of assisted childcare I would imagine these would be the best avenues.

    If you would like information regarding other related services such as phonelines specalised in working with children then there are services such as Alateen available (020 795 32070 - for children aged between 12-17) or CAMHS for children under 12 (020 3317 5999).

    I hope you and all of the family best of luck.

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