Hi everyone.

I know this is totally unrelated to addiction but I was hoping to gt advise here since I always get good advice from COAP.

I recently left my job coz my boss was horrible. It was my 1st job and Ive only been working there 6 months. That was the worst experience in my life.

Now, Im currently looking into going for my dreams. The thing is, Im scared. My dream job is far from home and is in a city with a high cost of living. My salary would be barely enough to support myself. Its also in a place that is less safe (there are a lot of muggers and the crime rate is quite high) than my home and prone to flooding (knee-high flooding). Basically, there are a lot of cons to the area and that is why a lot of people would criticize me whenever I tell them about what I want. They discourage me a lot.

But I really want the job. I want to experience a fulfilling job in a manufaturing company as a researcher or quality control analyst.

So I've been asking myself these past fewdays if it was worth it.

Would I be able to live on my own?

Would it be safe?

Will my salary be enough to support myself or will I go bankrupt?

What if I regret my decision, the same way I regret choosing my first job?


I have a lot of qustions in my mind and Im very confused. A lot of people have told me to weigh my options and do what I think is right but that just makes me even more confused. Its giving me anxiety. Please help.